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Our Hair Extensions System 
We use the fines Hair Extensions System for its suprior quality, exciting versatility and ease of maintenance. Our hair extensions system offers the best possible extension locks that are guaranteed. Because they are 100% human hair, our hair extensions will blend naturally with your own hair and can be cared for like your own hair.
Our revolutionary Hair Extension System uses only 100% human hair of the highest grade. This advanced keratin bonding technology, combined with state-of-the-art professional electronic application equipment, makes our hair extension services a safe and hassel-free procedure to create spectacular and natural-looking results without any damage to the existing hair.

Our hair extensions come with four fabulous styles: curly, wavy, fantasy and natural (see the image on the upper-right corner). Its wide range of beautiful shades and colors allows everyone, man or woman, to create a unique and elegant style that can be bold or subtle, endearing and enchanting.
Our hair extensions are available in 81 unique natural shades and exciting colors (see the image on the mid-left of this page). They allow everyone a chance to wear his or her favorite color in style. For special occasions, the fantasy colors with Crystalline accessories might just accentuate that special touch.
Our hair extensions are of various lengths that can satisfy many different kinds of hair extension needs.
  • Long: this group measures from 27 inches to 29 inches in length.
  • Medium: this group measures from 18 inches to 20 inches.
  • Short: this group measures from 12" to 16 inches.
As with your own hair, it is important that the hair extensions be properly cared for. Although the hair extensions can be washed and dried just like your own hair, the pre-bonded keratine-based extension locks are best cared for using the specially formulated and tested, which we stock in the salon for your convenience.